UET tag sample website

Welcome to the Bing Ads UET sample website, where we show you working examples for the different ways you can add a Bing Ads UET tag to your website. You can use this site in conjunction with the UET Tag Helper to see how your tag events look with different implementations.

  1. Installing UET tag directly on your website

  2. Using Tag Management Systems

  3. Using Website Platform

Note: that if you are new to Tag Management Systems and would like to understand what they are this article could provide a helpful overview. Bing Ads does not mandate the use of a tag management system (see section 1 above for how you can install UET tag directly on your website) or recommend one over the other for use with UET. We have tested Bing Ads UET tags with the above tag management systems but expect that any industry ready tag management system should be able to support UET tag. Go to Using UET with other Tag Management Systems page for general guidance on how to work with tag management systems not listed above.