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Install UET tag on your website via Google Tag Manager

If you are new to Google Tag Manager (GTM) or wish to learn more about it, please consult GTM documentation. This getting started article would be a good starting point for that and visit this page for detailed instruction on how to set up GTM tags.

1.      Create a new tag through “New Tag”.

2.      Select “Tag Configuration” and then choose “Bing Ads Universal Event Tracking”.

3.      Fill out required fields follow instructions on the page.

a.       Bing Ads UET Tag ID: UET Tag ID, each tag is associated with a unique ID. This is can be find in “Conversion Tracking > UET Tags” from Bing Ads UI.

b.      UETQ Variable ID: Only update this field when using multiple tags on the same page to fire different custom events or revenue.

c.       Event Type: Select “Page Load” if you are trying to have the tag fire on all pages or setting up conversion goals/remarketing list based on URLs. To learn about enable “Custom” events or “Variable Revenue”, read here.

d.      Trigging: A tag must have at least one trigger for it to fire.

Note: “Advanced Settings” and “Triggering” are pertinent to Google Tag Manager and not Bing Ads.

4.      Click “Save”.

5.      Ensure tag is verified and receiving conversion. You can view tag status from “Conversion Tracking > UET Tags” in the Bing Ads UI.

Ø  Use UET Tag Helper (a Chrome extension) to validate tag is set up correctly in real time and troubleshoot if tag is not working.

1.      Enable tag helper in Chrome browser and go to your website.

2.      Check if the tag(s) are firing when you land on a page or perform appropriate actions that trigger custom events

Note: We are not subject matter experts on GTM. This webpage shows how to do a basic set up of UET tags with GTM. GTM offers several advanced features as part of their product to customize when and how your tags (including UET) are fired. Please reach out to GTM support if you run into issues when using those capabilities.




Please refer to Bing Ads help documentation for more info on UET and why it is important for Conversion Tracking and Remarketing in Bing Ads.