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Advanced: UET Custom Event and Variable Revenue reporting via GTM

Basics first

o   First, read up on - GTM Variables, Built-In Variables, Tags and Triggers

o   Read our help on custom events & variable revenue to understand how they work

o   Passing custom events and variable revenue from a webpage requires additional code to be added to the webpage. But first you must have the UET tag added to your website, previous section described how to do that via GTM.

1.       In order to pass UET custom events and/or variable revenue via GTM, you need to

a.       Set up GTM Variables to read dynamic values from your page

b.       Set up the Trigger for when to report UET custom events/revenue

c.       Set up the custom JavaScript required to report the UET custom event/variable revenue as a Tag. You can use GTM variables you set up above as part of the tag.

2.       Letís first start with 1.a Ė Setting up GTM variables. While GTM supports many variants (read from html elements, functions, variables etc), in this sample we`ll set up GTM variables to read JavaScript Variable on the website.

o   Our GTM samples webpage source code has the following 5 variables

o   These we are reading into our GTM by creating new user defined variables

3.       Set up a new Trigger (1.b above) by Clicking New on Trigger page. In our example, we have set up the trigger as the click on a button on our sample page (with id=btnCustomEvent)


4.       Now create a Tag and add newly created variables (Step 2) and trigger (Step 3) to report customer event or variable revenue.



Additional help