Shopify Guide

If you are new to Shopify or wish to learn more about it, please consult Shopify documentation.  This getting started article  would be a good starting point for that and visit  this page  to learn about how to add conversion tracking to your order status pages.


If you’re in the e-commerce business and are using Shopify to sell your products, you can use UET to track sales and users who’ve visited your Shopify site.

Get your UET tag from Bing Ads

1. A UET tags is required when setting up conversion tracking or remarketing campaigns. You can find the your UET tags from Conversion Tracking > UET tags page.

2. Click “View tag” to retrieve and copy UET tag tracking code. JavaScript version is recommended.

Add your UET tag to Shopify

UET tag should be placed on all your pages for remarketing and conversion tracking. 

 1. Log in to your Shopify account and go to Settings > Themes .


2. Find the theme you’re currently using and then click Actions > Edit code.

3. Select theme.liquid and navigate to the end of the page.

4. Paste the UET tracking code to above the </body> HTML tag and click Save.

5. Go to Settings > Checkout to add tag to the checkout page so all pages in your site are tagged.

6. Paste the UET tracking code in the Order Processing > Additional scripts text box and click Save.

7. If you want to report variable revenue for the conversion. The following code need to be added below the UET tracking code you pasted in above Step (6).

Ø   Use this code if you don’t want to include taxes and shipping:

window.uetq = window.uetq || [];
window.uetq.push({ 'gv': {{ subtotal_price | money_without_currency }}, 'gc': '{{ shop.currency }}' });

Ø   Use this code if you do want to include taxes and shipping:

window.uetq = window.uetq || [];
window.uetq.push({ 'gv': {{ total_price | money_without_currency }}, 'gc': '{{ shop.currency }}' });

8. Download and install UET Tag Helper . UET Tag Helper in Chrome browser. Turn on the UET Tag Helper and navigate to your Shopify store. Verify an UET event is received and the Tag ID matches to the tag you selected in Step 2.

Note:  We are not subject matter experts on Shopify. This webpage shows how to do a basic set up of UET with Shopify. Please reach out to Shopify support if you run into issues with their product.